Make Money Online Writing About Your Niche

If you have no experience, no money and no website, you can make money online writing about your niche product or service. Most think you have to have a degree or something to be able to compose and article the “correct’ way. If you can write an email to a family member or friend using your computer, then you can write articles.

After you have your niche that you want to promote, start out by gaining as much information as possible and write an article. Include some facts that your research provided to you and make the article keyword rich.

People who read about a topic love to hear facts and figures. Include these in your article as well, maybe a famous quote from someone within the niche. Put in some of you own personality and keep the article from becoming boring. If a person loses interest too soon they might not get to your sales page and that could be a lost sale for you.

Now don’t just stop at one or two articles, write at least two a day on your niche. The more articles you write, the better exposure you will have and soon you will make money online writing about your niche product or service.

Become familiar with the author guidelines and the terms of service with any article directory you use as they will vary and once you have the submission routine down, you will be able to whip out a 300-500 word article and get it submitted in a matter of minutes.

Writing articles is a “no cost to you” way of promoting your niche. No I know you might be thinking that time is money but even if you spend writing article for thirty minutes a day, that’s a drop in the bucket as compared to sitting behind a desk all day crunching numbers or out in the cold weather digging ditches.

Internet Marketing is fun and easy once you have a good system in place and to make money online writing about your niche you will need a “system”. Putting up a website is one thing but driving traffic to it and making the sale is another. Write, write, and write again. Get your word out there and keep it simple and interesting.